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Welcome to ce GLOBAL SOURCING GmbH

  • Price advantages / benchmarking

  • Shorter delivery times / obsolete components
  • Bypassing registered projects
  • Consignments programs

  • Consulting

  • Electronic services

  • Last Time Buy / Lifetime-buy

  • BOM cleansing

  • Risk management system
  • price advantages on your strategic components, both in your daily business as well as in long-term scheduled business
  • hard-to-find and obsolete products
  • an independent sourcing network
  • concepts for inventory reduction, inventory financing and inventory management
  • „second sources“, alternative products and current market informations
  • programming, laser marking, component selection, function tests, AQL-soldering tests, burn-in, taping, dry-packing with nitrogen packaging and much more
  • the financing of lifetime-buy purchases on consignment basis (improved cash-flow for the customer
  • BOM cleansing and alternative products based on CAPS Component Engineering Tools
  • the CAPS Component Engineering Tool to prevent production shutdowns